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For emails:

  • If you are not the intended recipient of an email, you must notify the sender immediately by return e-mail. In addition you must delete or destroy this message and all attachments without reading or saving it.
  • e-mail communications may contain information that is confidential, privileged, proprietary and/or private. Transmission to anyone other than the intended recipient(s) is not intended as a waiver of any privilege, right, remedy or defense. The unauthorized use, distribution, or reproduction of any e-mail is prohibited and may be unlawful and result in a recipient’s being liable for damages and other penalties.

Unless expressly stated otherwise:
  • An email is not an offer, representation or warranty of any kind and does not create a binding agreement, which requires a physical written document signed by all parties.
  • The opinions, advice, and other content of an email may be those of the author and not those of Radicai LLC or any of its affiliates or principals.
  • Any dispute regarding an email shall be controlled by Colorado law and tried exclusively in, the Courts of the City, County, and State of Colorado. Consent is deemed given to the personal jurisdiction and venue of said courts.
  • THE SENDER AND RECIPIENT WAIVE THE RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY in any dispute regarding an email.

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The words concept VIZ LLC and any associated logos with concept VIZ are registered service marks of concept VIZ LLC or its affiliates. Its unauthorized use is prohibited.

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