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Fiber / Network / Security / WiFi: Installations

network server infrastructure design:

    concept VIZ Network Infrastructure Design
  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) network design
  • Systems intallation and (minimal) maintanence services

  • Virtual LANs

  • System Uptime Failsafes
  • Server Virtualization
    • Using two physical servers as one, one can fail
  • Disk Redunduncies
    • Multiple Hard Drives can fail, data remains
  • NIC Teaming Trunk Lines
    • Physical CAT5/6/7 lines can fail, still up

  • DHCP Subrouting
    • On both sides of the Server DMZ
    • Smart Device DHCP, Guest Wireless DHCP, Server Network DHCP, Survaillence DHCP
    • Very expandable systems

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP):
    • Multi ISP Load Balancing
    • ISP Portability
    • Cellular Backup Systems

  • Shared Network Storage and Backup Systems/ User Access Controls
    • Serial Attached Storage (SAS)
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Storage Attached Network (SAN)

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VIOP) and Internet Protocol (IP) Phones
    • Extremely expandable phone systems
    • Unlimited extensions, conferencing, messaging
    • Quality of Service implimentation, voice calls take network precedence

Windows Server design build:

    concept VIZ Network Infrastructure Design buildout options
  • Small, medium, large scale server needs
    • Office servers and workstations
    • Research and Development (R&D) labs
    • Computer labs
    • Render farms
  • Install a new Windows Server
  • Or expand your current Windows Server
    • Expand your current Windows server configuration
    • Upgrade your current Windows server hardware or version
  • Phase in projects for cost
    • add more power
    • add bigger data needs
    • add data fault tolerance
    • add device fault tolerance
    • add connection fault tolerance

Windows Server Network Administration:

    Windows Server 2012
  • Maximizing Server Roles and Features
    • Active Directory Directory Services (AD/DS)
    • Domain Name Services (DNS)
    • Dynamic Hybridized Control Protocol (DHCP)
    • Volumes
      • Storage Pools
      • Virtual Hard Drives (VHD)
      • Mirroring
      • NAS and SAN
  • Organization Units (OUs)
  • Group Policies (GPOs)
  • Network Security
    • Computer Resrictions
    • User Resrictions
    • File Access Resrictions
    • Read/Write Resrictions
  • Access for Macs

Server Room BIM:

workstation design:

surveillance systems:

  • Small business to enterprise class, it's the same top of the line
    • We don't install kits, we work with the base materials to create a unique solution for your needs:
      • Dedicated Server, Switch, Router and Firewall: design and installation
      • Power of Ethernet (POE) Injection (one wire to that camera, both power and communications, that's it!)
      • High Definition Cameras
      • Night Vision Infrared Cameras
      • Automated sound recording
      • Motion Detection, Recording and Cloud Syncing
      • Burst transmission email on motion capture
      • All Device Viewing and Control
      • Electrically efficeint designs, expandibility, ease of operations, minimal upkeep costs

  • We have worked on security projects for the State of Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming and the government of Australia. We can bring you the highest level of design services and security solutions implimentation.